Plyvel is a fast and feature-rich Python interface to LevelDB.

Plyvel’s key features are:

  • Rich feature set

    Plyvel wraps most of the LevelDB C++ API and adds some features of its own. In addition to basic features like getting, putting and deleting data, Plyvel allows you to use write batches, database snapshots, very flexible iterators, prefixed databases, bloom filters, custom cache sizes, custom comparators, and other goodness LevelDB has to offer.

  • Friendly Pythonic API

    Plyvel has a friendly and well-designed API that uses Python idioms like iterators and context managers (with blocks), without sacrificing the power or performance of the underlying LevelDB C++ API.

  • High performance

    Plyvel executes all performance-critical code at C speed (using Cython), which means Plyvel is a good fit for high-performance applications.

  • Extensive documentation

    Plyvel comes with extensive documentation, including a user guide and API reference material.

You should know that Plyvel is a hobby project, written and maintained by me, Wouter Bolsterlee, in my spare time. Please consider making a small donation to let me know you appreciate my work. Thanks!

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